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Lara Travis: songwriter & art historian - storyteller

When Lara Travis became a dancer, the door to everyday life closed and she descended into an endless subterranean nocturne, where lives were drowned in red and black chiaroscuro, suffused in smoke, cut through with a strobe, saturated in music and broken by flashes of glitter. There was nothing to do but work, watch the spectacle of embellished and augmented bodies and the dramas that played out, night after night.

On evenings at home, awake ‘til dawn, she strummed a guitar, seeking comfort in old country tunes. She wrote songs. She’d take her guitar to the club and sing to the dancers as they did their hair, tan and makeup for the night’s shift. The result is Pineapples, Greenbacks and Glitter in the Air a unique debut album of ten tracks.

From the first line: “look who just walked in” to the last: “turn your back on me and I’ll be gone.” Travis recounts stories from her lonely road. There is nothing bucolic or dreamy here, there are no forests, foxes or hills. It is a harsh, urban reality were they say “fuck off” not “fare thee well”. We’re taken into night scenes where lovers come and go. The only recourse is to look for a reason as to how all this came about.

Travis fondly quotes the French realist Gustave Courbet: “Show me an angel and I’ll paint you a lie” and like Courbet she refuses to present an idealised world. And in that same tradition of Lautrec, Courbet, Bukowski, Brel and Waits, Travis reports back to us with tales from the underground. Tales of the marginal, the imperfect, the hapless, the compromised and corrupt.



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Thursday 2nd May
The Ember Lounge
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